University of Alaska
Teacher Technology Adventure Camp
2 credits
June 7-24, 2011

Course Description:
Craig City School District is holding the Teacher Technology Adventure Camp in Craig, Alaska. This course is offered to help participants in the camp to further develop the knowledge and experienced gained from the camp as they produce challenge- and inquiry-based lessons, focusing on Alaska GLEs and the National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) for Students, to increase their students’ academic achievement. The course will also provide opportunities for participants to develop their own proficiencies in NETS for Teachers.

Instructional Methodologies:
This course is taught primarily in face-to-face and active learning environments with specialists in the participants’ chosen strand. Participation in the online component for reflection and collaboration is required. The online component will be asynchronous except for one synchronous meeting online following the week of face-to-face interaction.

Course Assignments, Assessment of Learning, and Grading System:
a. Participation and Collegial Support 24% (6 points each camp day)
Participants must attend all four days of the camp.
b. Online Learning Discussion 25% (5 points each meeting day)
Participants must be a part of the online community, sharing their experiences and learning with others in class.
c. Final Project 51% (51 points based on project rubric)
Participants will produce a challenge- or inquiry-based lesson which focuses on Alaska GLEs and NETS*S. Each final project will be shared online as well as in the last synchronous meeting of class.

Grading Scale:
Letter Grade
Percentage of Points

Course Objectives:
  1. Students will engage in learning opportunities in non-traditional environments, simulating lessons using essential questions for challenge- and inquiry-based education.
  2. Students will participate in authentic projects by collecting field data and learning data collecting methods that are reproducible in their own districts/regions.
  3. Students will establish networks with Alaska resource agencies to promote collaboration as they engage their own students in meaningful learning within content areas.
  4. Students will develop their proficiencies in NETS for Teachers.
  5. Students will create challenge- and inquiry-based lessons focusing on Alaska GLEs and NETS for Students.

Topical Course Outline:
Authentic Learning: Participants will experience authentic learning opportunities led by specialists in their chosen strand: history, natural resources, beaches and streams, or fish and wildlife.
Technology Integration: Participants will learn of effective 21st Century teaching strategies to engage students in learning.
Practical Application: Participants will develop technology-infused lessons based on Alaska GLEs and NETS for Students to implement with their own students and share in their own regions.
Reflection: Participants will network and share with their peers as they share experiences and reflect on effective 21st Century teaching strategies.

Standards Addressed

International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) and Performance Indicators for Teachers

Cultural Standards for Educators
Standards for Alaska's Teachers