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Presentation pieces, by Tor Dahl:
This project is far from done but here are a few pieces I would have shown on the presentation night had I been able to make it that evening.

Unfinished keynote: (big file)

Day one Google Picasa web album with "bitly" shortened url

Day two Google Picasa web album

I am still not sure how these .KMZ files will work on other peoples computers (I don't have the means to test them on other computers) but they should open up your Google Earth application and show our field trip waypoints and tracks for the Sarkar, Beaver Falls, and El Captian field trip. The Sarkar, Beaver Falls El Captain. file should be a narrated tour along those tracks. If you make a tour, make sure that your waypoints are truly in field trip order. I had to rearrange mine. It is best to let the GPS unit number everything, you can add your own title after the automatic numbering.

and (bad spelling sorry)

I would also have shared my geo tagged 'gmap' web page that I made with jet photo and but haven't figured out how to share it without actually having a web site for it. The Geo Tagged photos are the same as the ones in the Google Picasa Web Albums.

Julie's Project Presentation: